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Oregon Hillel Endowment Fund

It is said that a society becomes great when individuals plant trees whose shade they know they shall never enjoy. Oregon Hillel strives to secure the funding of our programs, services, and to empower our future students to develop the next great idea for building Jewish community and for engaging their peers. In order to achieve that goal, we have established the Oregon Hillel Endowment Fund. An investment in our endowment fund will be permanent and will generate an annual interest payment of 4% to Oregon Hillel that will ensure that our programs are funded in perpetuity. I hope you will take this opportunity to plant a seed for future Jewish students at the University of Oregon. Thank you for your consideration, and for more information or questions regarding the Oregon Hillel Endowment, please contact Andy Gitelson.

Thank you to our Legacy Circle Members:

  • President's Circle:
    Millard & Wendy Lesch
    Dr. Lee Michels - In Memory of Linda Michels
    The Sharon Ungerleider Family Fund
    Min Zidell z"l

  • Tzadek Circle:
    Mike & Debbie Green: In Honor of Alana Green '18

  • Chai Circle:
    Robert O. & Gail K. Alexander: In Honor of Nathan Alexander '14
    Gary & Sharon Constantine: In Honor of Rebecca Constantine '14
    Dr. David Levin & Mrs. Dana Levin: In Honor of Matthew Asher '14
    Martin & Ilyse Schwartz: In Honor of Lauren Schwartz '14

  • Chaver Circle:
    Scott & Pam Abramson: In Honor of Jeremy Abramson '14

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