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QuackPac is a bipartisan group of students at the University of Oregon aiming to strengthen Israel's ties with the United States and is filled with students who love Israel and care about Israel as a political ally for the United States. Students are Jewish, non-Jewish, involved in College Democrats and College Republicans, involved in campus politics and a variety of majors.


QuackPac has written and passed a resolution through the University of Oregon's student senate condemning nuclear Iran and is now working on passing that resolution through the state of Oregon with Val Hoyle (Oregon House majority leader) as its bill sponsor. QuackPac also helps students attend AIPAC trainings such as Saban leadership seminars and its annual policy conference in March. QuackPac also volunteers on Oregon political campaigns and is especially involved in University campaigns.
Want to know more or want to get involved? Then follow us on Facebook and Twitter for QuackPac updates and Israel news! Or you can email us at to get more involved or for more info.

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TAMID Group at the University of Oregon is a student-run group within the Lundquist College dedicated to consulting, investing, and education with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Tamid at The University of Oregon

All students interested in entrepreneurship, consulting, or investing are invited to join us. We have no political or religious affiliations. Students interested can contact if they are interested in getting involved.

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AEPi develops the Jewish Leaders of tomorrow by educating young Jewish men to be gentlemen and to have brotherly love and respect. Be an Alpha. Rush AEPi!

AEPi Fraternity

Oregon State University is home to the Omicron Sigma Colony of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. AEPi is the only Jewish fraternity on campus and one of the most preeminent fraternities in the world. They seek to create a lifelong brotherhood and promote the fraternal values that we hold dear.
Brothers on campus are involved with Stand With Us, and serve on Oregon State Hillel Student Leadership Board, in addition to a large number of other clubs, organizations, and opportunities available on campus.
As a new organization on campus beginning formal recruitment in Fall 2016, the Omicron Sigma Colony offers the incredible opportunity of leaving a lasting impact on this young colony of an international organization. Membership is leadership and leaving a lasting impression on the brothers of the future, as well as building connections in the Oregon State and Jewish community-on and off-campus, whether through social events, community service opportunities, or philanthropy. Opportunities (both past and present) has included consistent work with the Oregon State Food Pantry, opportunities to travel to Student Civics Conventions in Washington, D.C., Combatting Hate Speech conferences in Los Angeles, Regional Chapter Conclave, and attendance to the International Convention in August, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2017, and this past year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
To learn more about the Omicron Sigma Colony, please contact Vice President and Recruitment Chair Lou Griffel

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The Jewish Student Union is a university-funded group with the goal of providing a space and community for all U of O Jewish students.

Jewish Student Union

JSU focuses on providing fun and engaging programming to anyone interested in Jewish life, whether it be religious or cultural. This year, JSU is working with many other student groups to host events together, such as the Arab Student Union, the Multicultural Center, and the International Student Association. JSU is also planning some great community service opportunities in the next two terms, as well as movie nights, Jewish cooking lessons, and a Jewish speed dating event.

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Sigma Mu Omega was founded in 2003 and on Jewish values, however, Sigma Mu Omega is not a religiously affiliated organization nor does it discriminate against any person of any faith, background or culture. They pride themselves in accepting women of all faiths, beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures and promote equality and acceptance in their sisterhood. For more information email their President directly.

Sigma Mu Omega Sorority

Sigmas are loyal to their sisters and their values to the end. They are gracious and giving; generous with their time and hearts always. They seek to be a positive light in the world and to light the way for their sisters in times of darkness. They vow to speak the truth, show love, and always answer the call. To conduct themselves with grace, courage, and respect. They are worthy of trust and always lift each other up to achieve their greatest goals and become their loftiest selves. Sigmas are classy, sassy, and fiercely passionate. They are shoulders to cry on, voices to laugh with, and hearts to love. They are many things to many people, but in everything they are Sigmas.

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The University of Oregon is the location of the Sigma Tau Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, commonly known is Sammy. Sammy is the only Jewish fraternity on campus and is very active in both the Jewish and Greek communities at U of O.

Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity

The Sigma Tau chapter seeks to foster true brotherhood in the form of helping the community and creating long-lasting friendships. Members of Sammy at U of O are active in the Tamid business group, the Oregon Hillel Foundation, the Fraternity and Sorority Life office, and much more. Sigma Alpha Mu provides both valuable leadership opportunities and philanthropic endeavors with our partnerships with The Judy Fund and the Alzheimer’s Association. Along with local opportunities, Sigma Alpha Mu provides chances to travel to leadership conferences such as Sigma Alpha Mu Leadership Conference and Developing Leaders Institute held annually, most recently held in Phoenix, Arizona and Indianapolis, Indiana. Through social spaces, community-oriented events, or our relationships with the Jewish community, Sammy offers the true fraternal experience.

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Pro-Israel University of Oregon students engaging in dialogue and discussion about current events happening affecting Israel in the Middle East, U.S. and on campus.

Ducks for Israel

Ducks for Israel is the University of Oregon’s pro-Israel community run by Zionist students who advocate through education, culture, and politics. Ducks for Israel is an opportunity for students to be involved and engaged in pro-Israel activism on campus. Ducks for Israel plans on using campus mobilization tactics at the University of Oregon to protect Israel’s reputation. Students have the most power at the University and our goal is to get as many people as possible involved in Israel advocacy. Additionally, we aim to educate students about Israel and the Middle East conflict so that they can form an appropriate, fact-supported opinion.