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Jewish Groups and Programs


UO's Sco Green Initiative is focused on empowering the community to engage in transformative learning, to reduce waste, and promote sustainable practices. From joining the Compost Crew that gives current students access to Oregon Hillel's composting system to signing up for Recycling Club, Sco Green makes it easier for Ducks to create environmentally friendly routines that will go with them long after they have left Eugene. 


Led by two student leaders, Lilli A-W. and Jonah K., this initiative launched winter 2022 and will be continuing to create new opportunities at Hillel like building a community garden outside of the Oregon Hillel building in Eugene and hosting a clothing swap each spring.

Interested in joining Sco Green? Please contact our Executive Director, Andy for information!

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Every Monday from 4-5 pm in the Hillel Building, Jewish students from UO who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community come together to meet, connect, and expand Hillel's advocacy and celebration of our queer community. 

This student group was started in 2021 by student leader Nat Waldman. Nat (they/them) is a passionate student advocate who is committed to bringing equity and inclusion into the spaces they occupy. This group allows students to connect with each other, process their unique experiences, and discuss the intersectionality of their identities. 

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact our Zidell Family Innovation fellow, Alexandra Malve!

AEPi at uo

Alpha Epsilon Pi is the only Jewish Fraternity on campus. They re-founded the chapter in Spring 2022, starting off with 12 founding fathers. Along with building a strong brotherhood of Jewish men who take part in all facets of Jewish life on campus, the chapter is also deeply committed to Tikkun Olam and supports local and national causes such as Gift of Life.  AEPi offers rolling recruitment throughout the academic year, opportunities for leadership and leadership development, a supportive community of brothers who will become friends for a lifetime, and a connection to a national brotherhood unlike any other. If you have any questions, or are interested in joining AEPi, contact them through their Instagram @uoaepi or email

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Sigma Mu Omega Sorority

Sigma Mu Omega was founded in 2003 and on Jewish values, however, Sigma Mu Omega is not a religiously affiliated organization nor does it discriminate against any person of any faith, background or culture. They pride themselves in accepting women of all faiths, beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures and promote equality and acceptance in their sisterhood.

Sigmas are loyal to their sisters and their values to the end. They are gracious and giving; generous with their time and hearts always. They seek to be a positive light in the world and to light the way for their sisters in times of darkness. They vow to speak the truth, show love, and always answer the call. To conduct themselves with grace, courage, and respect. They are worthy of trust and always lift each other up to achieve their greatest goals and become their loftiest selves. Sigmas are classy, sassy, and fiercely passionate. They are shoulders to cry on, voices to laugh with, and hearts to love. They are many things to many people, but in everything they are Sigmas.


For more information, DM us on Instagram!

ducks for israel

Ducks for Israel is the University of Oregon’s pro-Israel community run by Zionist students who advocate through education, culture, and politics. Ducks for Israel is an opportunity for students to be involved and engaged in pro-Israel activism on campus. Ducks for Israel plans on using campus mobilization tactics at the University of Oregon to protect Israel’s reputation. Students have the most power at the University and our goal is to get as many people as possible involved in Israel advocacy. Additionally, we aim to educate students about Israel and the Middle East conflict so that they can form an appropriate, fact-supported opinion.

Students interested in joining should email Kaya!


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